Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Possible Paranormal Case or Mental Illness

Possible Paranormal Case or Mental Illness
Last night. 3/27/2017 10:30pm

"So I just found out something that might be of interest". I could no help but reply to a message like that. I asked what she found out. She then asked if I was the person who ran the page, and I replied with "yes".

The woman then went on " I had a question that maybe you have an answer to. I'm told I'm part of an elite bloodline. And I have to admit your group has always drawn me in. Your extensive knowledge, your want to help, the details in your writings and descriptions. I don’t know why, but I am drawn to your page. I haven't said this to another person yet but I am a witch, and a hybrid. Something has been blocking me from accepting it and I don't know what happened but my eyes are open now.”
“What do you think you are a hybrid of?” I asked.
“Vampire and lycan. Crazy I know, but damn if it doesn't make sense. I have a sister from the same bloodline.”
I reply with “What have you been experiencing?”
“Really it was my whole life, my family and others see me as mental. I thought I was too. But when I used to get mad, my face would slightly change, the color part of my eyes would go blood red and no one could stop me, not a full-grown man, not 2 or 3. I've always been extremely strong. My family thought that when I would get mad I would have a 'psychotic' episode but I've talked to others and they've never heard of the colored part of the eye going red. The moon, I have to say I've always had a connection with it.”
At this point, all I can say is “interesting.”
She then states "I've even had dreams trying to show me, but I didn't think they were anything real or serious. I just, if all of this is true, I want to have someone I could give info to that I trust. I just have no idea what bloodline my sister is talking about. Apparently, it's what makes us lycans.”
I reassure her “I’ll do all that I can to help you. I’m sure there is some explanation for all of this.” She says “That's the problem, all I got from her before she went to sleep was we are the last remaining of our bloodline. There were 5 originally and only 2 left. The 2nd bloodline only has 2 as we'll. Oh and our family starts with a V”
There is a slight pause before she adds “I just have to get off my medication and start focusing on controlling it myself.”
Out of curiosity, I ask her what medications she is on.
She informs me that she is taking lithium and Seroquel. "We have been trying to repress this rage because my family thinks it's a mental disorder.”

Now, I’m getting my BS in psychology. Right now, I am in the middle of an Abnormal Psychology class. I know the only reason one takes lithium and Seroquel is because they are bi-polar. Seroquel is an antipsychotic medication, and lithium helps control manic episodes of bi-polar disorder. If you mix lithium and alcohol, you can have serious side effects. Some people have impaired thinking and judgement. If you mix Seroquel and alcohol, you will also have many negative effect, especially anxiety and agitation.
I do not know for sure what is going on here, so I continue asking her about her issue.
She goes on to tell me that she will message me in the morning after she talks to her sister about all of this. Her sister has notes on this, and can help her understand more. Out of nowhere she adds “Turns out my rage is my vampire and lycan. I think that makes sense.”
I then tell her to message me in the morning after she talks to her sister, and let me know what happens. She goes on to say that I am the only one she is going to reach out to about this. She doesn’t want others to know her identity. She states that she trusts me, and wishes me a good night.
I don’t know what to think. I did do a little research on all this before I went to bed. My conclusion is that she is just in the middle of a bad manic episode. (I am in no way diagnosing her, that is just my opinion)

~It is now 3/28/2017 at 2:40 pm and I have yet to hear from her again. I am going to send a message asking her if she is doing better.
She replied right after I sent her the message. She said he is doing ok, but feels a bit crazy. She had not been able to talk with her sister yet. She has been doing research into the ideas she has, with what little info her sister gave her. She said that her sister has been tracking down information for the past five years, but doesn't have it with her at the moment. She will get back to her soon.
I will report back when I have more information.

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